Table of Contents

I: Introduction

  1. Chaco Landscapes: What We Know and What We Don’t by Stephen Lekson

II: Understudied Landscape Dimensions

  1. Origins of the Early Chacoan Communities by Thomas C. Windes & Carla Van West
  1. Current Road Research in the Western San Juan Basin by Phillip Tuwaletstiwa and Mike Marshall (VIDEO ONLY)
  1. Chaco Landscape Rock Art by Dennis Gilpin
  1. Enigmatic Rock Features by Ruth M. Van Dyke

III: Indigenous Perspectives

  1. Acoma Perspectives by Ernie Vallo (VIDEO ONLY)
  1. Diné Perspectives by Will Tsosie (VIDEO ONLY)

IV: Experiencing the Landscape

  1. Viewscapes, and Soundscapes by Ruth M. Van Dyke and Timothy De Smet
  1. Night Skies by G. B. Cornucopia (VIDEO ONLY)

V: Geospatial Investigations and Big Data

  1. New Light on Chaco’s Greater Landscapes with Emerging Technologies by Richard A. Friedman, Anna Sofaer, and Robert S. Weiner
  1. Geospatial Data, Remote Sensing, and Aggregating Roads Data by Carrie C. Heitman and Sean Field

VI: Management

  1. The Protection of Monuments and Landscapes in Britain: A Historical View by Julian Thomas
  1. Protecting the Greater Chaco Landscape: Where Do Things Stand in Fall 2017? by Paul Reed