Hayden’s Landscapes Revisited

The Drawings of the Great Colorado Survey

by Thomas P. Huber
Contributors: Evan MenkhusScott Callahan

“This is a stunning work of geographical sleuthing and ecological and scientific interpretation . . . [that] combines history, geology, water law, and modern environmental concerns covering the Front Range and the mountains of our state. It is a gift to all Coloradoans. Hayden’s Landscapes Revisited is an intellectual and geographical tour de force.”

—Andrew Gulliford, Fort Lewis College

In 1873, Ferdinand Vandeveer Hayden and a team of geologists struck out across the Colorado Territory to map the area’s natural features. From the craggy profile of Longs Peak to the rolling waters of the Colorado River, Hayden’s US Geological Survey expedition sketched and surveyed dozens of the state’s most striking landscapes. In this rephotography project with a twist, Thomas P. Huber uses modern photographic technology to revisit and bring to life the drawings of the Hayden survey, matching sweeping panoramic photographs with the natural landscape features in the stunning pen-and-ink drawings and maps created by the surveyors a century and a half ago.

In the accompanying text, Huber explains the significance of each featured landscape and places it in the context of the larger geology and landform history of the area. Published as a website freely available to all, Hayden’s Landscapes Revisited tells the story of Colorado’s landscapes as explored by Hayden and his men, using the Hayden Survey to explore geography, sense of place, and landscape-based view.

The University Press of Colorado and the author gratefully acknowledge the support of the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs; the College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences; and the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies for their very generous support for this project.


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