Collaborative Approaches to the Digital in English Studies

by Laura McGrath

Published by the Computers and Composition Digital Press, an imprint of Utah State University Press

Collaborative Approaches to the Digital in English Studies joins the ongoing conversation about collaborative work in the humanities. Instead of focusing exclusively on the digital humanities or emphasizing only the large-scale computational analysis or archival projects typical of that field of study, the collection focuses on a variety of projects led by or involving English studies professionals. Although many English studies scholars and teachers have assimilated, investigated, and experimented with digital tools and associated practices on their own, such work is often facilitated by strategic collaborations.

Collaborative partnerships are often the most productive way to address research, professionalization, teaching, program development, and other challenges that arise as the field responds to digitality.

The goal of the CCDP imprint is to honor traditional academic values of rigorous peer review and intellectual excellence, but at the same time to create a venue for innovative digital scholarship and expression in the field of English composition and rhetoric. Volumes in the CCDP series are published under a Creative Commons copyright license, and are open-access.


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